FAQ - Bond Election


In the November 6, 2018 General Election voters will be asked to decide on:


Tarrant County Hospital District's Zero-Tax Rate Increase - Bond Proposition A


Question:   Will the proposed Tarrant County Hospital District bond proposition increase the property tax rate?

Answer:    No. In fact, over the past 15 years the property tax rate for the Tarrant County Hospital District have declined with over 60 percent of its operational revenue coming from Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, grants and other non-property tax sources.


Question: Why are the Tarrant County Hospital District bonds being proposed?

Answer:    It's been 33 years since the Tarrant County Hospital District / John Peter Smith (JPS) Health Network has held a bond election. Since that time, Tarrant County’s population has increased by over 1 million residents. Also, over the past three decades, the Hospital District has experienced a significant increase in countywide demands for its services (especially in the area of mental health services); and has incurred significant costs to ensure availability of technological and medical innovations for its patient care.


Question:   What is the ballot language for Tarrant County Hospital District Bond Proposition A?

Answer:    The Tarrant County Hospital District ballot language will ask voters to vote "For" or "Against" the following proposition:

The issuance of $800,000,000 by Tarrant County on behalf of the Tarrant County Hospital District for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, equipping or enlarging facilities of the hospital system needed to meet the demands of the public business of the county, including, but not limited to, a new mental health and behavioral health hospital, a new main hospital tower for general and specialized patient care-physician nurse training- and Level One Trauma Care, a new cancer center, four new regional health centers, and a new ambulatory surgical center.    


Question:   How many patients use the Tarrant County Hospital District?

Answer:    In 2017, the Tarrant County Hospital District served 1.27 million patient encounters. That's one patient need cared for every 25 seconds!


Question:   How were the Tarrant County Hospital Bond priorities established?

Answer:    The $800 million bond proposition has been submitted for voter determination only after an extensive multi-year process involving public input, a thorough current and long-range needs assessment, a validation by a Citizens Blue Ribbon Committee and dedicated work by the staff and appointed Board members of the Tarrant County Hospital District.  Additionally, the Tarrant County Commissioners Court insisted on a zero-tax rate increase bond package. For a copy of the planning reports including recommendations of the Citizens Blue Ribbon Committee, please visit the Tarrant County website and click on the Hospital District Bond Election information page.


Question:   What are the Tarrant County Hospital Bond priorities?

Answer:    - Expanded Mental & Behavioral Health Facilities

        - Updated and expanded Hospital Facilities for patient care and doctor/nurse training

        - Updates to Tarrant County's only Level 1 Trauma    

        - A new and expanded cancer treatment facility 

        - At least four new regional (community) health centers

        - Updated and expanded ambulatory out-patient surgical facilities


Question:   Does the Tarrant County Hospital District need additional mental and behavioral health facilities?

Answer:    Yes. Tarrant County Hospital District's current Trinity Springs Pavilion and Trinity Springs North facilities are able to serve just 37 percent of the inpatient mental and behavioral health needs of Tarrant County.  This often results in mental and behavioral patient placement in outside facilities, which dramatically increases taxpayer costs. 


Question:   How many doctors, nurses and health care providers are trained annually by the Tarrant County Hospital District?

Answer:    With hands-on patient care and interaction, the Tarrant County Hospital District / John Peter Smith (JPS) Health Network works closely with local universities and medical schools as the largest teaching hospital in Tarrant County for doctors, nurses, medical lab technicians, and healthcare technical providers. Annually, JPS trains more than 3,200 medical professionals and offers 12 physician residency programs. Nationally, JPS is the largest hospital-based Family Medicine doctor residency training program in the country.


Question:   Is the Tarrant County Hospital District's Level One Trauma Center the only such patient care unit in Tarrant County?

Answer:    Yes. JPS Hospital is Tarrant County’s only Level 1 Trauma Center handling critical emergency trauma cases for all Tarrant County residents. Verified by the American College of Surgeons, the JPS Level 1 Trauma Center is equipped 24/7 to respond to all types of severe injury patient needs, including those from auto accidents, gunshot wounds, explosives, burns, sharp instruments, blunt objects or sudden impact. 


Question:   How much has the demand increased for Cancer Treatment Services of the Tarrant County Hospital District?

Answer:    Over the past 10 years, the Tarrant County Hospital District has experienced a 77 percent increase in patient cancer treatment.


Question:   In addition to John Peter Smith Hospital, how broad is the Tarrant County Hospital District's reach in Tarrant County?

Answer:    In addition to the John Peter Smith Hospital main campus, the Tarrant County Hospital District has 14 community/neighborhood patient care facilities and 19 public school health centers across Tarrant County.


Question:   Where is Tarrant County Hospital District Bond Proposition A located on the ballot?

Answer:    Tarrant County Hospital District Proposition A is located at the bottom of the November 2, 2018 ballot (after the partisan candidate elections).


Question:   When does early voting start for the Tuesday, November 6, 2018 election?

Answer:    Senior and disabled voters are able now to request ballots by mail. In-person early voting is from Monday, October 22nd through Friday, November 2nd.

Question:   Where can I get additional information on Tarrant County Hospital District Bond Proposition A and polling locations/hours?

Answer:   For additional information about the election including early voting and election day voting, please visit the Tarrant Election Office Website.