Blue Ribbon Committee

The Commissioners Court established a Citizen’s Blue Ribbon Committee to review current and future needs of the JPS Health Network.  Its purpose is to evaluate how JPS can best serve its stakeholders over the next 30 years.  The Committee will use information generated from an analysis of current and prospective local, state and national healthcare delivery trends as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the facilities as they relate to current and future delivery of healthcare.  The findings will be presented to the Commissioners Court and Tarrant County Hospital District Board of Managers for further action.

The Committee consists of 12 members – two appointed by each of the Court Members and one appointed by the Court as a whole and serve as Co-Chairs of the Committee.  Meetings will be held in a public place with adequate notice to encourage public attendance.  Digital recordings of the meetings will be posted on this website.


Committee Members



    Randy Moresi

    Former CEO

    North Hills Hospital


    Lorraine C. Miller


    LLM Ventures, LLC


Judge’s Office

    Dr. Stuart Flynn, MD


    UNTHSC & TCU Fort Worth MD School


    Dee J. Kelly Jr.

    Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP

    Managing Partner


Precinct 1

    Dr. Elizabeth Treviño

    Chief Executive Officer

    North Texas Area Community Health Center, Inc.


    Tiesa R. Leggett

    Project Coordinator

    Blue Zones Project


Precinct 2

   Rev.  Dr. Michael Evans

   District 5 Member, Board of Trustees

   Tarrant County College


    Dr. Howard Patterson Hezmall


    Blue Moon Strategies, LLC


Precinct 3

    Mark R. Berry

    CEO and Chairman

    Teage Nall and Perkins, Inc.


    Scott W. Fisher

    Senior Pastor

    Metroplex Chapel


Precinct 4

    Dr. Steven L. Simmons, DO

    Pain and Sports Medicine Specialist

    Southwest Sports and Spine


    Sarah Hollenstein


    Norco Trucking, Inc.