Our Future Is Your Future

In 1906, a hospital affiliated with the Fort Worth Medical College was opened in Fort Worth free to all accident cases and any others the medical authorities accepted. Thus the foundation for JPS Health Network was laid.

For more than 100 years, JPS Health Network has served the medical needs of Tarrant County families as the community’s public health care system.  The facilities on Fort Worth’s near south side have grown to include an acute-care hospital licensed for 573 beds  and an outpatient care center attached by a skybridge across Main Street to a Patient Care Pavilion, a five-story acute care tower that includes the community’s only Level 1 Trauma Center.

Additionally, JPS has added community and specialty care clinics and 20 school-based health centers throughout the county to increase patient access to care in their neighborhoods. The majority of these health centers are located in low-income areas of the county accessible by public transportation (where available).

In 2009, the health network’s governing body, the Tarrant County Hospital District Board of Managers, began the process of planning for future facility improvements to ensure JPS can continue to meet the demands of a community whose population is projected to grow from 1.8 million in 2015 to 3.25 million by 2050.

Throughout the six-year planning process, each department or function was analyzed by experienced health care planners to determine the appropriate size and adjacency to accommodate current demand and future growth as well as compliance with industry standards and federal regulations.


BOKA Strategic Facilities Utilization Plan

Proposed Construction Project

Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Implementation Strategy

Functional Space Program - Volume 1

Functional Space Program - Volume 2

Functional Space Program - Volume 3

2018 Destination Metrics and 2016 Pillar Metrics


In March 2016, the Tarrant County Commissioners Court adopted a resolution to begin a thorough and transparent process to engage the community in the conversation about Tarrant County’s current and future health care needs and what role JPS will play in providing that care.

The Tarrant County Hospital District Board of Managers and JPS executive leadership are excited about the opportunity to work closely with county commissioners, administrators and residents to build on the work done during the last six years to develop a plan to meet our growing community’s health care needs.

Information will be gathered through community forums, focus groups and dozens of interviews with a wide variety of individuals invested in the health care delivery system in Tarrant County.

Further, a Citizens’ Blue Ribbon Committee, appointed by the Commissioners Court, will receive information from nationally recognized consulting firms that will evaluate JPS’ current services and facilities and how they apply to the future direction of the health care delivery system in Tarrant County.