Constable's Bio



Jon Siegel was born and raised in our community. He graduated from high school at Arlington Heights, and he and his wife raised their daughters in the same neighborhood where Jon's parents have lived for almost 60 years.

Elected in 2012, Jon Siegel has put 28 years of law enforcement and 18 years business management experience to work for the taxpayers of Tarrant County. Jon has reformed important programs to save taxpayers dollars, and improve transparency while providing high quality law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe.


Jon Siegel's Qualification

  • Service in Law Enforcement since 1993
  • Over 20 years with Tarrant County Constables
  • Master Peace Officer since 2002
  • Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Master Degree in Public Administration
  • Certified Police Instructor
  • Licensed Police Firearms Instructor
  • Received the FBI Leadership Trilogy Award for Law Enforcement Advance Executive Management.

Constable Jon Siegel