Responsibilities of Constables Office

It is the Constable's duty to execute and return all processes, warrants, summonses and judgement enforcement documents as directed by lawful officials. The Constable may seize and sell real and personal property upon lawful order of a court, returning the proceeds according to law. Constables are Texas Peace Officers and may arrest, with or without warrant, violators of State Penal laws and persons who commit breaches of the peace in their presence.

A Constable's jurisdiction for service of civil process documents is throughout their county as well as every adjacent county. They may serve documents for State. County and Justice Courts of Texas, as well as processes issued by lawful courts of other states. The Commissioners Court establishes fees for this service. The fees collected are deposited into the general fund of Tarrant County.

The Constables and their deputies are officers of the courts. They provide fair and impartial notification to citizens of court actions that may involve them.