Conviction Integrity

The duty of every prosecutor is to is to seek justice. It is not about conviction rates or winners and losers — it is about seeing that the just and correct result occurs. The Conviction Integrity Unit reviews claims of actual innocence from a neutral standpoint. The unit also reviews systemic issues which can result in wrongful convictions, at times collaborating with relevant parties to determine if the correct result occurred.

Additionally, advances in forensic science, as well as changes in the law through court opinions and legislation, make it critical that the Criminal District Attorney’s office remains at the forefront of developing and implementing mechanisms that ensure the rightful administration of justice; thereby safeguarding that the guilty are convicted and the innocent freed. Toward this end, the CIU also assists the Criminal District Attorney’s office with developing best practices and procedures based on the most up-to-date information, to facilitate prosecutors’ diligently and ethically fulfilling their responsibilities.

To request a CIU review of your case, send us a letter explaining why you believe your conviction is wrongful. Include a description of any other information you feel is important. If you have new evidence, please describe what new evidence now exists that was not known at the time of the trial. To further facilitate your request, consider completing as much as you can of the request form below and send it with your letter.