Writ of Restoration (Interruption of Utilities-Residential)

Except as provided by section 92.008 Texas Property Code, a landlord or landlord's agent may not interrupt or causes the interruption of utility service (water, wastewater, gas, or electric service) of a tenant, unless the interruption results from bona fide repairs, construction or an emergency. A rental property owner may interrupt electric service to certain residents provided that written notice and other procedures are strictly followed. Refer to Texas Property Code sections 92.008, 92.0091, and 92.301.

If you are representing yourself, we encourage you to review the below resources.

Self-Help Legal Information Packet: When You Have Been Locked Out or Your Landlord Has Cut Off Your Utilities

Writ of Retrieval, Re-Entry, and Restoration Paquete con Informacion


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  1. $54 filing fee and a $5 writ fee
  2. If granted additional fees apply $150 Constable Fee


  1. Sworn Complaint for Writ of Restoration of Utility Service - Residential
  2. If you cannot afford the filing fee and court cost, please submit a Statement of Inability to Afford Court Cost along with the application.
  3. Important Information Regarding Exhibits
    • Although not required at the time of filing, it is encouraged that you include any exhibits you might have to prove your case with your initial filing.


Note: Cases filed with a Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs cannot be filed using "Guide and File." These cases MUST be filed through EFileTexas.

  • When filing your case, use the following:
    • Category = Civil -Contract
    • Case Type = Repair and Remedy
  • For more information on filing online, please visit E-File.

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