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How healthy is your business?

Your bottom line depends on the health of your employees. Tarrant County Public Health is here to help.

Better Health Better Business is a FREE service designed to provide health resources to local businesses to help maintain and improve the health of their employees.

You know your business. We know how to help keep your employees healthy.

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Ask youself:

  1. Is there a safe area for employees to be physically active on break or before and after work?
  2. Are healthy food options available at company meals, in snack areas or in the neighborhood?
  3. Do you offer employees resources to help manage conditions like diabetes and hypertension?
  4. Do employees have access to resources to help them quit tobacco?
  5. Is there a dedicated space where employees can relax at break time or before or after work?
  6. If you answered no to any of these questions, Tarrant County Public Health wants to be your wellness partner.

We have a broad range of FREE services and resources to help local businesses improve the health of their employees.

Become a Better Health Better Business member!

What is the Better Health Better Business Program?

The Better Health Better Business Program is a new Tarrant County Public Health Program that is designed to assist county businesses that want to improve employee health by providing health and wellness opportunities that lead to healthier lifestyles through information, resources, and health education classes. Businesses that provide an environment to nurture behavior change through the adoption of healthier behaviors among employees may be able to decrease risk factors for chronic diseases and other illnesses or conditions.


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What's in it for Members?

Becoming a Better Health Better Business member means you are in the business of providing a healthy work environment for your employees and supporting a healthier Tarrant County workforce and community.

• Healthier employees are proven to be more productive employees, and they have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.

• Businesses have the opportunity to provide a work environment that encourages healthier and more productive employees.

• Recognition – you will receive recognition on our website as a business that cares about the health of their employees.  We will give you a program membership magnet to display at your worksite.


Free Obesity Prevention Marketing and Collateral Materials For Use in Businesses



Better Health Better Business is a FREE Program - Let us help keep you and your employees Healthy!

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