A key part of healthy eating is eating foods that are nutritious and important to the body's development and overall health.

Fortunately there are many Farmers Markets in Tarrant County that provide locally grown produce. Patronizing these markets not only provides the freshest fruits and vegetables you can get, it also promotes and sustains our local farmers and the continued availability of their produce.

Find fresh produce at local Neighborhood Farmers Market

Grocery budget tight? Get fruits and vegetables with Gardens On The Go

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Find fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables twice a month at Gardens on the Go.

A typical bag might include four apples, a pound of bananas, two grapefruit, four oranges, a pound of potatoes, a pound of tomatoes but the selection will be seasonal. Pick up a large bag of seasonal fresh produce for just $5 a bag!

Cash and Farmacy vouchers accepted.

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Find Gardens On The Go at these locations on select Saturdays:

Greater Mt. Tabor Christian Center

2513 S. Edgewood Terrace

Fort Worth, TX 76105

2nd and 4th Saturday, 9 - 11 a.m.

About Food Desserts

According to the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service, a food desert is defined as urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy and affordable food.

Food deserts are usually found in impoverished areas where there is a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets and healthy food providers. Instead, food deserts are heavy on convenience stores and quickie marts that provide mostly processed food that are high in calories and low in nutrients. These foods are known contributors to the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Healthy Food Options among "food deserts"

Because there are food deserts located throughout Tarrant County,  Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration has identified these grocery stores that offer healthy food options in east and southeast Fort Worth:  

  1.   Carniceria La Altena- 3316 East Lancaster
  2.   El Rio Grande - 3037 South Freeway
  3.   Everman Supermarket - 1829 Everman Parkway
  4.   Foodland Markets - 1212 South Ayers Avenue
  5.   Foodland Markets - 3320 Mansfield Highway
  6.   Mi Tierra Taqueria Carniceria - 5317 East Lancaster
  7.   Ramey Market - 5428 Ramey Avenue
  8.   Save-A-Lot - 3101 East Seminary Drive
  9.   Save-A-Lot - 4621 East Lancaster
  10.   Zeze's Mart - 5500 Brentwood Stair, #100

To keep eating healthy, make it a point to look for fresh fruits, vegetables and healthier options when at your local grocery store.