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Interested in quitting or reducing your tobacco use?

If yes, take the next step:

Live Tobacco Free
is a 4-week program offered by Tarrant County Public Health to help you quit using tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and e-cigs.

  • You will learn how to better manage stress, handle nicotine withdrawal, control your weight and take daily steps to stay off tobacco.
  • Live Tobacco Free helps you understand the physical, mental and social aspects of your addiction, from stress at work to life at home. You’ll get the tools and knowledge you need to Live Tobacco Free for yourself and your family.


Our program is:

We are here to help you quit, not to judge you.

We find solutions that work for you, in your life.

There is no cost for you to participate.

Class locations and schedules vary

Need more motivation? How about:

  1. Saving money. You can save $2,250 per year; that's about what an average tobacco user spends annually on tobacco products.
  2. Save on health premiums. Being a smoker can cost an extra several hundred to over a thousand per year depending on your employer.
  3. Better manage your chronic health condition (ie. COPD, heart disease, etc). Quitting improves the immune system making it easier to fight infections and improves blood flow and blood pressure, which means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the body's cells.
  4. Feel better and have more energy. Within only two weeks of quitting your lung capacity improves, making it easier to carry groceries, walk upstairs, garden, etc.

Need additional support or resources? Check out:

Health Care Providers

Download 5 Great Reasons to Live Tobacco Free to share with your patients and start conversations about quitting tobacco.


HR Managers and Services Providers

Download 7 Great Reasons Life is Better Without Tobacco to get your employees and constituents motivated and excited about a tobacco-free lifestyle.