Environmental Health functions in a regulatory capacity regarding health issues linked to the environment, and provides a variety of related services. In addition to permitting food vendors and regularly inspecting public eating establishments, Environmental Health also provides education and information on many related topics.


Speaker Requests

Environmental Health can offer speakers to address such subjects as:

  • Environmental Health
  • Food Safety
  • Food-borne Illness
  • Vector-borne Disease
  • West Nile Virus
  • Urban Stormwater Pollution
  • Recycling & Pollution Prevention
  • On-site Wastewater Disposal
  • Ozone & Air Quality
  • Pool Safety


Lead health dangers

Lead is a naturally occurring metal that is harmful if inhaled or swallowed. It  can be found in many common things, including air, soil, dust, glazed pottery, toys, food, candy and water via the plumbing fixtures and piping.


Living Green

To fully understand many of the "going green" concepts, one must first learn the basic guiding principles of the Three R’s.


Texas SmartScape

Texas SmartScape was developed to help guide homeowners and gardeners in the use of native and adaptive plants in their landscapes. It features assorted attractive plants that require little or no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. The Texas SmartScape is a great help in cultivating environmentally friendly landscapes. Many of the plants featured require less water and also attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

As more homeowners switch to these environmentally friendlier landscapes, residential pollutants that wash into local creeks and rivers will likewise be reduced.