As a citizen and a community, we all have the ability to help protect our valuable water resources, as well as, all wildlife which depends on these healthy habitable environments to sustain life.

Consider becoming a Certified Watershed Steward (“anyone willing to learn and a desire to improve and protect community water resources”) or starting a stormwater support group (“includes landowners, agricultural producers, decision makers and/or community leaders”) in your area by following these links to the Texas AgriLife Extension Service or Environmental Protection Agency web sites.

Many of the household consumer products that we rely on to make our lives easier have the ability to create unwanted environmental issues. Informed householders who are concerned about their health and the environmental risks associated with hazardous products can take steps to minimize these risks and protect themselves, their families and the environment. These steps include use-reduction, waste-reduction and proper disposal of unwanted materials. You can help prevent stormwater runoff from being polluted by taking simple steps listed in the following links:

Visit any of the following agencies or organization's web sites to get started. Remember to use the keyword stormwater in your searches.