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Summary: The Fort Worth facility of Alcon Laboratories, Inc., 6201 South Freeway, is the international headquarters and research center for this large eye care corporation. With more than 2,500 employees, Fort Worth is Alcon's largest location, which includes the William C. Conner Research Center - ophthalmic research laboratories. Under development are contact lens care solutions, new ocular drug delivery systems and new pharmaceuticals.

Digital Files

The entire Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Collection has been digitized and is available in the following text searchable PDF documents.

Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Digital Files

Various Clippings from Subject Files



  • Alcon World News, employee newsletters, 1981-2000, 2001 (missing editions: April-August 1987, July-October 1991, August 1992-April 1993, December 1993-March 1994)
  • Alcon: Today and Tomorrow, company information booklets, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990
  • Newspaper article announcing building plans for Alcon Laboratories, I-35W, by architect John W. Floore, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 15, 1958
  • Alcon-o-gram, Volume V, Number 1, January 1960
  • The Story of Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: Prescription for Success, speech delivered by William C. Connor and Robert D. Alexander, October 21, 1969
  • News release for Alcon Laboratories, Inc., announcing appointments of executives Carl Gibson, Richard Sisson, and John Pruill, March 2, 1973
  • News release for Alcon Laboratories, Inc., announcing promotion of executives John Spruill, Ralph Bunker, and Bill Rhue, April 21, 1977
  • "Ed Schollmaier Eyes New Horizons, by Suzanne Harvey, Pharmaceutical Executive, January 1982
  • Eyes on Tomorrow, company information booklet, 1984
  • "Executive Profile: George Leone," by Judee Shuler, Pharmaceutical Executive, July 1985
  • "At 81, award winner isn't slowing down," by Whit Canning, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 13, 1988
  • "At age 81, Bill Conner is still looking for another Alcon," by Irving Farman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 13, 1988
  • "Alcon: Keeping its Vision Cool," by Joy G. Spiegal, Fort Worth Magazine, June 1989
  • EHS Says: A Collection of Alcon World News Editorials, by Ed Schollmaier, September 1981-December 1997
  • Newspaper article announcing purchase of 85 acre tract from Dora E. Gosney to Alcon Laboratories, for reported cost of $93,000, undated
  • Vision and Commitment, corporate brochure, 1997, 2001
  • Alcon and Ophthalmology 40 Years Partnership brochure, 1987
  • Alcon's AOA Jamboree, Lazy-A-Ranch, Fort Worth, brochure, June 23, 1991
  • Press release announcing acquisition of Chicago Pharmaceutical Co. and Service Engineers, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., February 22, 1962
  • Stock subscription agreement, February 18, 1947 (duplicate)
  • Letter to preferred stockholders, March 27, 1947 (duplicate)
  • Letter stating William C. Conner has been granted permit to be a dealer and states name change to Alcon Laboratories, Inc., April 16, 1947 (duplicate)
  • Letter to stockholder with a copy of by-laws, July 15, 1947 (duplicate)
  • Letter to Alcon Board of Directors from LaRue, Lawrence, Wood and Kelley, certified public accountants, June 10, 1955
  • Letter from William C. Conner to stockholders, announcing Alcon bid to purchase Globe Laboratories of Fort Worth, September 18, 1961
  • Letter from William C. Conner to stockholders, announcing first payment of a dividend, March 23, 1966
  • Proposal to Alcon stockholders from Nestle S.A. to purchase stock at 42 per share, January 5, 1978
  • Suzie Letter from Tim Sear, chairman, president, CEO, Alcon Laboratories, July 1, 2001
  • Letter from Sue Billue, Corporate Communications, Alcon Laboratories, to Tarrant County Historical Commission, September 14, 2001
  • Cover letter with donation from Sue Billue, Corporate Communications, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., undated


  • Notice of special meeting of stockholders, July 7, 1953 and December 17, 1954
  • Notice of Annual Meeting with Shareholders, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., August 17, 1976
  • List of items sent to Alcon Laboratories, Inc., archives from the William C. Conner memorabilia files, September 14, 2001


  • Dedication of the William C. Connor Research Center, September 18, 1982
  • Dedication of R.D. Alexander Administration Center, April 11, 1987
  • Alcon Technical Excellence Awards honoring Mark Hellberg, Harry House, and Stephen Van Noy, July 23, 1996


  • Alcon Laboratories, Inc., No. 413-005 case study by the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, 1966
  • Alcon Laboratories, Inc., No. 472-115 case study by the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, condensed version of No. 413-005, 1972
  • The Origin of Alcon, typed account of the beginnings of Alcon Laboratories, Inc., undated
  • Financial Statement, December 31, 1947
  • Financial Statement, December 30, 1948
  • Financial Statement, October 31, 1949
  • Condensed Financial Statement for April 30, 1956
  • Sales chart, expense to sales comparisons, 1947-1956
  • Annual Reports, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., 1957-1977
  • Copy of Patent Number 3614959, Certificate from United States Office of Patents, October 26, 1971 
  • Minutes of Alcon Laboratories, Inc., stockholders meeting, June 14, 1955


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