Mary Daggett Lake Collection

Armour and Company Fort Worth Postcard

Pictured: Postcard of Armour and Company plant in Fort Worth,

circa 1890s

Summary: The Mary Daggett Lake Collection consists of articles written by Lake for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as well as scrapbooks, postcards, maps and various documents and photographs related to Tarrant County history. Mary Daggett Lake (1880-1955), daughter of E.M. Daggett and Laura Alice Palmer Daggett, held a lifelong interest in botany and was a charter member of the Fort Worth Garden Club. She also served as the garden editor for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and on the Fort Worth Park Board.


  • Quilting
  • Flowers and Gardening, 1942-1944
  • Flowers and Gardening, 1944-1947
  • Flowers and Gardening, 1940-1941
  • Flowers and Garderning, 1940
  • “Let’s Go!” and “Mrs. Tarrant Goes Shopping”
  • Fay Lightfoot
  • Cato Sells
  • Religion
  • J. Frank Dobie, 1950-1961
  • J. Frank Dobie, 1943-1961
  • Theatre Programs
  • Elizabeth M. Archer
  • Mrs. O.O. Spencer, undated, 1940s
  • Advertisements
  • Political Articles
  • Genealogy
  • Climbing the Family Tree
  • Twigs and Trees
  • Flags of Texas 1835-1839
  • Flowers and Gardening, 1939-1940
  • Newspaper Clippings, undated, 1893-1905
  • Fort Worth's First Hundred Years 'Where the West Begins'
  • Newspaper Clippings, undated, 1949
  • Newspaper Clippings, 1893-1908
  • Climbing the Family Tree Indexed
  • Tarrant County First Hundred Families
  • Genealogy Articles
  • Fort Worth Centennial
  • Mrs. O.O. Spencer, undated, 1908, 1934
  • Mrs. O.O. Spencer, undated
  • Gardening, undated, 1941-1942
  • Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, undated, 1949, 1951
  • Fort Worth Pioneers And Gardening 1923-1935 Scrapbook
  • Lambs 1887-1942 Scrapbook

Follow link to view PDFs of fully scanned Mary Daggett Lake Scrapbooks.


  • Four maps: LaBahia Mission, Alamo at time of siege, San Antonio convent, Pleasure map of lower Rio Grande Valley
  • Military map of Texas and Coahuila (1835-1836)
  • Refugio Mission, ground plan
  • Siege of Bexar, December 5-10, 1835
  • San Jacinto Battlefield
  • Area near Mission Concepcion, James Bowie battle, October 28,1835
  • Texas map. 1944, with State Parks
  • Municipalities, Republic of Texas, 1836
  • Fannin's Fight, March 19, 1836


  • Book: Scenes by Clare V. Skinner, Part Seven, at Fort Worth, Texas 1896.
  • Architectural Plans for Kelroy Chadwick, drawn by Morris B Parker, 5240 Camp Bowie Blvd., December 10, 1952  
  • Two pages from Footnotes August 1978, about estate of Washington Traylor (July 19, 1866) and James Estes (September 30, 1864)
  • Three-page biography of John F. Grant
  • Pencil drawing on cardboard of "Miracle Time in Texas" describing old Daggett homestead on Daggett Point
  • Written description of second pioneer home, Charles B Daggett, about 1883, on torn heavy paper
  • Two photographs mounted on board labeled "Father Tree" and "Mother Tree"
  • Newspaper: River Oaks News section, July 24, 1953: Casa Manana, Bell Helicopter, Will Rogers Center, Mount Carmel Academy
  • Two poems: "Mother of the Prairie" by Jenny Lind Porter and "Old Pioneer" by Will Carlton
  • Bibliography used by Verna Berrong for thesis
  • Photostat from National Archives, partial report on Fort Worth, 1853
  • Envelope from: North River Insurance Company
  • Document about damages due Samuel S. McEwen, November 1881, Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe
  • Document to certify validity of J. P. Smith, October 17, 1878
  • Document from General Land Office, land in Wise County, from April 22, 1854 to September 14, 1881
  • Notarized document from James G. Harrison, wife Jane K. Harrison, naming Smith and Jarvis power to act in their name to purchase land title change from J. P. Smith to J. B. Moore, date unknown

Mary Daggett Lake gave a collection of postcards to her friend Julia Kathryn Garrett, who later donated them to the Tarrant County Archives. Follow link to view Julia Kathryn Garrett Named Collection page.

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