Modification/Child Support Review Process

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If your case is in the IV-D Monitoring Program and you would like to determine if it qualifies for a modification of the current support obligation, please contact Child Support Services at 817-884-1475.

A modification action may be filed with the Court, if the case meets the guideline requirements, yet does not meet the criteria for the Child Support Review Process.


Child Support Review Process (CSRP) is a service provided by Legal Support Services Office to resolve child support issues on your case without going to court.  In the review process, both parents meet with a Legal Support Officer to establish an enforceable child support order.

A CSRP is for parents who are willing to negotiate and agree to an order to modify child support, medical support, dental support and obtain judgments for past due child and medical support.

If an agreement is reached between the parties, the order is reviewed by an attorney then forwarded to the Judge.  Once the Judge has signed the order, the order is legally binding and will be enforced just as any order obtained through a court proceeding.

The CSRP process is a time saver, reduces stress and conducted in privacy.  One can also save on court costs and the matter can be done in one appointment at a date and time convenient to you.

A CSRP gives you more control of your case.



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