Self Represented Order Review

How to submit your original completed, final paperwork for Agreed or Default cases to the Domestic Relations Office

Submitting your documents for review:

1. First provide a file-marked copy of the following:

    a. The other party’s Waiver / Answer, OR

    b. The Return of Service from the Constable or Private Process Server, OR

    c. The evidence of one of the alternative methods of service performed and completed.

2. Then make an appointment to bring your original completed proposed Final Decree of Divorce / Order to us for review. As required by the Court, your proposed Agreed Decree or Order requires the signed approval by both parties before going to court. Also include an agreed Possession Schedule and the necessary language containing guideline child support and reimbursement for Medicaid or other health insurance premiums, including dental, if any. For cases with children on Medicaid, the Court will require cash reimbursement by the paying parent to the State of Texas as part of the child support. The DRO attorney will assist you in calculating guideline child support. If you have a prior court Order, provide a copy of that Order attached to your fully completed, signed, proposed Final Decree of Divorce. The DRO cannot make copies for you. The DRO is located on the 2nd Floor East of the Family Courts Building, 200 East Weatherford St, Fort Worth, Texas 76196.

Upon submitting your documents to the DRO, you must include:

1. The Information on Suit Affecting Family Relationship form (Austin form),

2. For Cases with Child Support a completed:

    a. Record of Child Support and

    b. Income Withholding Order

3. For Default Judgments: A signed Certificate of Last Known Address and a signed, notarized Military Status Affidavit

Once completed, please call 817-884-1879 to make an appointment to have your paperwork reviewed by the DRO attorney. IF REQUESTED by the DRO attorney, email all documents scanned as a single PDF to Photos and screenshots of documents will not be accepted by the Court. Do not email unless requested

Appointments generally last 30 minutes. Both parties are highly encouraged to be present at the review since all changes to a pre-signed decree require each party to initial by each change and then again sign the decree. If you are not able to come in person for an appointment, remote reviews may be considered for litigants that are out-of-state or ill.

Note: If you are 10 minutes late to your appointment, it will be rescheduled.

The DRO attorney employed by Tarrant County reviewing the documents does not represent any party or childThe review is REQUIRED to help ensure that the form of your decree or order meets the Court’s standards. You will be asked to sign a Services of the Tarrant County Domestic Relations Office form prior to your review acknowledging that the purpose of this service is to assist the Court.

The DRO attorney is prohibited from providing legal advice to parties. Providing information does not constitute an attorney-client relationship between you and the DRO, meaning there is no confidentiality between you or the attorney. It is recommended that independent legal counsel be hired for advice if you have a legal question.  If you are in bankruptcy or if a party is pregnant, please inform the DRO attorney immediately.

  • Remember you are your own attorney and will have to accomplish all settings and filings yourself.  
  • The DRO does not file documents or set hearings for any case.