Financial Fraud

Executive man behind the bars

Financial fraud attorneys in this office prosecute non-violent felony property crimes frequently referred to as White Collar crimes. These cases may involve elder financial fraud, theft, misapplication of fiduciary property, insurance or mortgage fraud, money laundering, tampering with governmental records, security fraud, identity theft, breach of computer security, or any crime where technology is used in the commission. These attorneys also prosecute public corruption cases. A citizen wanting to report a financial fraud case should contact their local police agency.

Part of this unit is the division of Elder Financial Fraud, which prosecutes cases involving the illegal use of an older person’s funds or property. EFF attorneys and investigators vigorously prosecute these cases. They also serve as a community resource, meeting with seniors through community organizations and our law enforcement partners.

Another part is the Election Integrity division, which reviews and prosecutes voter or election fraud cases. To report concerns, go online to the Tarrant County Sheriff's election integrity complaint page.

This unit also handles Auto Crimes. In 2021, a prosecutor was designated to work with the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force and only prosecute auto theft cases. In the past, auto theft cases were sent to the DA’s Office and assigned to various prosecutors. All now to go one prosecutor, who looks for trends and determines if multiple cases involving the same defendant should be grouped together.