variety of foods


Nutrition is the biochemical and physiological process by which all living organisms use food to support life.

Humans have developed agriculture and cooking as a means of providing foods that have life-sustaining qualities. The kind of food we eat every day in many ways determines how healthy we are or can be.

The food we intake daily sustains our life and helps our body grow in many ways. Our bodies require proper nutrition to function at optimal efficiency and to regenerate our cells.


Over the years, Tarrant County Public Health has addressed proper nutrition in several ways. The Live A More Colorful Life! initiative helps people learn about proper nutrition by associating nutritional qualities with the color of fruits and vegetables, along with encouragement to incorporate more such colorful items in their diets.

The Recipe Library is a collection of healthy recipes from over the years since the LAMCL initiative was started, that incorporate colorful fruits and vegetables.  


Here is an assortment of insights, references and tips that can help improve your nutritional savvy!