Biographical Files

The Biographical Files maintained in the Tarrant County Archives are listed below. These files offer information on individuals and families that live or have lived in Tarrant County.  Contents of Biographical Files may range from a single article to several inches of various forms of documentation. Key figures in Tarrant County history tend to have larger files. Additional biographical materials may be found in the Named Collections. We welcome copies or original family documents for safekeeping. If you wish to donate materials, please contact the Archives.

B. B. Paddock

Photograph: Captain B.B. Paddock was a significant leader in the development of Fort Worth and Tarrant County following the Civil War and well into the Twentieth Century. He is here pictured as Mayor with his beaver skin hat, which is held by the University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections. Paddock held numerous key positions including editor of the Fort Worth Democrat (1873-1881) later named the Gazette; president of the Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway Company (1885-1889); founder and executive secretary of the Fort Worth Board of Trade (1901-1909);  president of the Texas Spring Palace (1889-1890); city mayor (1892-1900); twice Tarrant County Representative in the State Legislature (1881-1883; 1913-1915); and was instrumental in creating Fort Worth's first fire department, water works and school system.

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